Diamond Capital Kogyo Co. celebrated his 7th anniversary in 2020. Looking back on 7 years, we worked by answering the customer’s needs at that time by trial and error in several fields, such as Construction Management of civil works, Construction Surveys, Infrastructure inspections, Construction works, Bridge Repair works, Land Use Survey design, Demolition work, Management of Civil engineering work. Demolition work is an important business item of our company and is mainly centered in the Tokyo metropolitan area with renewal of buildings built during the high growth period.

In addition, regarding Bridge Repair works, we would like to accumulate know-how expertise on repair, reinforcement, and maintenance, and make efforts to make it become the pillar of our company and the future that society desires.

At the same time as having a specific goal, we would like to implement a positive mindset with the famous words of “Don’t think. Feel! & Resilience”.

Diamond Capital Kogyo Co.
                          CEO Naoki Sano